SALE – $15 Executive Plaques!

Feb2018-Acrylic wood plaque flyer

Product of the Month: Acrylic Plaques

Durable, clear, acrylic mounted and fastened with four reinforced, silver-tone, metal stand-offs. Your choice of clear or *mahogany backgrounds.

SALE: Executive Plaques

Our Executive Plaque Line is ideal for certificates, diplomas, awards, etc. Acrylic covers face of document for extra protection. Grommets on each corner.  8.5” x 11” – up to 11” x 14”. Available in Black with silver trim & Mahogany with gold trim. Offer expires February 28, 2018.



2 thoughts on “SALE – $15 Executive Plaques!”

  1. If like updated /current info on pricing for a laminated diploma pack. The flyer you have posted says February 2018.



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