NEW: COVID-19 Emergency Response Products

EmergencyResponseCatalog_FOX EBLAST_FINAL

COVID-19 Emergency Response Products
Identify and Communicate Effectively with ID Solutions

As COVID-19 causes a rapid increase in patients needing medical care, the following products identify patients and visitors, assist in infection control, and special precautions.

  • Patient & Visitor Identification
  • Contact & Droplet Precautions Labels
  • Specimen and Specimen Transport Labeling

Custom solutions are available to meet your specific protocol requirements.

Customize any labels or wristbands to meet your specific needs.

FOX LAMINATING is now offering a variety of new products including pre-printed patient wristbands, specimen and precaution labels, and expiring badges. This product line is ideal for the healthcare industry in finding solutions on how to identify patients and visitors, and to help support special precautions protocols.


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