Mounting is available in Standard plaques. Virtually anything may be mounted on a plaque! The possibilities are endless – like a golf ball, a medal, a commemorative coin, an award ribbon, baby mementos, and our most popular item: an engraved plate!


We have six different kinds of engraved plate to chose from: Single Brass Plate, Single Silver Plate, Reverse Brass Plate, Reverse Silver Plate, Double Brass Plate, and Double Silver Plate.


Golf Ball Mount

FOX Golf Plaque

Baby Mementos Mount

Baby’s first shoes mounted on matching wood base.

 Toy Car Mount


mini-Stand-up w Truck toy-sml

Use a toy car as a representation for the real thing!

Commemorative Coin Mount

Commemorative coin mounted for the Lauderdale Yacht Club.

Award Ribbon & Engraved Plate Mount

blue ribbon
Award ribbon & engraved plate mount for a Championship Dog Show.


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