Whether it’s a magazine or newspaper article, a journal review, or a promotional ad – your advertisement display is your first impression!

Prepping your documents to order:

Acceptable documents: high resolution pdf file, or actual hard copy of document (tearsheet)

Margins: add .25” On all sides of document (electronic file or hard copy)

Selection: if providing hard copy of magazine, identify which side of page (tearsheet) you want to use, by notating title, page #, size (¼-page, ½-page, or full size-page) on a separate form. Do not mark pages with tape, or post it notes, as this may cause damage to originals

Backing sheet: you provide a dark, solid color sheet – that is placed underneath your ad – with an added 1” border from the original document size on the left, right and bottom sides, & 2.5” On the top side of your original ad, (for reverse logo and/or masthead placement) above your ad.

Backing sheets are supplied by customer.

Double backing: *if needed, we supply double backing in order to prevent bleed-through from your hard copy ad (tear sheet), to avoid seeing print on reverse side of ad.  *Additional charge required.